December4 , 2022

    50 Top Things to Do in Atlanta, Georgia


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    Best Time To Visit Atlanta?

    traveling in Spring (April – May) or Fall (September- October). These are the optimal months to visit both in terms of weather and affordability.
    Fall in Atlanta and in the mountains outside the city produces amazing colors so it is always a nice time to travel!
    The city tends to get very hot and humid during Summer so avoid the middle of Summer if you don’t like it HOT HOT HOT. Atlanta is sometimes known as “Hotlanta” due to the sweltering temperatures Summer brings to the city.

    What you get with the Atlanta CityPass:

    • Georgia Aquarium
    • World of Coca-Cola
    • CNN Studio Tours
    • Atlanta Zoo OR National Center for Civil and Human Rights
    • Fernbank Museum of Natural History OR College Football Hall of Fame

    How the Atlanta CityPASS works:

    It is super easy to purchase the CityPASS online. Once you purchase the pass, you receive a QR code that you can use on either on your phone or on a printed piece of paper.
    When you visit the attractions, simply scan your QR code at the ticket booth. Once you scan, the attraction will provide you with a ticket and and you are all set to go in!

    How much money does the CityPASS save you?

    What we like most about the CityPass is the money savings!
    The total cost to enter all of these attractions separately would cost $129.43, but using the Atlanta City Pass the cost is only $76. That’s a 41% saving!
    The other thing we love about the CityPASS is the ability to skip the line. At most attractions, the CityPASS allows you to skip the normal ticketing line which is pretty convenient.

    Top 10 Atlanta Activities

    • Skyview Ferris Wheel
    • The home of Martin Luther King Jnr.
    • Jackson Street Bridge
    • Krog Street Tunnel
    • Georgia Aquarium

    6、World of Coca-Cola

    The World of Coca-Cola is an unmissable activity for coke lovers and well, those who just want to drink copious amounts of coke!
    Coke is another of Atlanta’s many claims to fame. The secret recipe was founded by John Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist in 1886. The Coke headquarters are still based in the city to this day.
    If you are interested in the history of coke from old advertisements to its present day “Open Happiness” campaign and the making of one of the most successful drink companies in the world, you have to visit the museum!
    At the end of the tour is a tasting room where you can taste over 100 flavors of soda from all over the world.

    7、Centennial Olympic Park

    The park was opened in 1996 for Olympic Games visitors and residents to enjoy the games.
    If you’re not sure what to do on a sunny afternoon, a safe bet is to visit Centennial Olympic Park, a beautiful green area in the middle of downtown with impressive water fountains and possibly the best view of Atlanta’s skyline from the ground!

    8、Art Stroll at Castleberry Hill

    It has been voted one of the 10 best art districts in the US so you know its gotta be good!

    9、Children’s Museum

    Talking about kids, if you are traveling with kids, we would highly recommend a trip to the children’s museum. It is very conveniently located in the downtown area near the Coca-Cola museum.

    10、CNN Center Studio Tour

    The global headquarters of CNN are located in the heart of Atlanta. Take a tour of CNN Studios where you can see how green screen technology is used and functioning teleprompters.
    You can also see how a news broadcast is produced and ride the world’s longest free-standing escalator which is 8 stories high!!

    11、Skyview Ferris Wheel

    Right in the very centre of the city, you will find one of the most special attractions in the city, the Skyview Ferris Wheel.
    This is a great opportunity to see Atlanta from the sky and get amazing panoramic birds eye views of the city.

    12、Visit The Shot Gun Houses

    On the street (Auburn Avenue) where Martin Luther King Jr grew up you will see iconic shot gun houses. This style of house was popular from the end of the Civil war to the 1920s.
    The houses are called “shot gun houses” as the front door is in perfect alignment with the back door. If you sent a gunshot through the front door, it would go right through the back.

    13、Martin Luther Kings Home

    One of the most interesting attractions in Atlanta is the childhood home of Martin Luther King Jr. The home was the home of his parents, King Sr. and Alberta Williams after they married in 1926.
    This park is also completely free to visit and very significant to the civil rights movement in Atlanta lead by Martin Luther King Jnr.
    In the Sweet Auburn area nearby the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park you will find one of the most popular activities: the Municipal Market in Sweet Auburn.

    14、Walk the Beltline

    In 2008, a 2.3 mile stretch of former railway corridor was opened as a multi-use trail. This first-stage of the BeltLine – known as the West End Trail – has has been followed by a Northside Trail, Eastside Trail, Southwest Connector Trail and West Side Trail.

    15、Take a Selfie at Jackson Street Bridge

    If you are looking for a great vantage point of the City with an amazing view to take a beautiful photo or a selfie then you really cannot go past Jackson Street Bridge.
    Source: Photo by Joey Kyber on Unsplash

    16、Krog Street Tunnel

    The Krog Street Tunnel is one of the coolest activities for hipsters and for anyone who just loves interesting street art.
    The tunnel is a mixture of commissioned full-wall murals and impromptu graffiti from Atlanta’s residents.
    Feel free to buy a can of spray paint and go for gold! The kids that we saw with their Dad absolutely loved watching him paint in the tunnel.

    17、Krog St Market

    Nearby the Krog Street Tunnel is one of the best markets which we would highly recommend making a stop at.
    After a pan factory known as the Atlanta Stove Works was closed in the 1920s, the abandoned warehouse was transformed into a bustling marketplace with interesting food options as well as cool specialty shops.

    18、Visit The High Museum of Art

    Also at the Woodruff Arts Centre you will find the High Musuem of Art.
    This museum is extremely popular and is actually one of the most popular art museums in the South as it includes a very interesting display of art from medieval times all the way to present day, contemporary art.

    19、Visit MODA

    MODA aka the Musuem of Design is a fan favourite for locals who appreciate everything design!
    It is the only museum in Atlanta and the Southeast which showcases the best of design including architecture, product design, furniture, interior design and fashion design.

    20、The Margaret Mitchell House

    Margaret Mitchell is one of Atlanta’s most cherished dead.
    You might know her as the famous writer who wrote the classic Gone with the Wind.

    21、Reserve Bank of Atlanta

    Nearby the Margaret Mitchell house and The Autoeater in midtown on Peachtree Street you will see the stunning Reserve Bank.
    You might not think there is a lot to do at the Reserve bank of Atlanta but it consistently rates as one of the very best free attractions.
    Inside, you will find the Monetary Museum which has a lot of information on the history of banking in the US including the part the Federal Reserve plays in this.
    It is very interesting to get a peak inside the workings and operations of a bank!

    22、Eat at Community Q BBQ

    It’s the South, of course, you need to go to barbecue! While there are plenty of places to choose from, we went to Community Q BBQ. I actually really like the way they run their business — every day they cook fresh.


    • 23、Centennial Park  Located in Downtown Atlanta, this popular park features the Fountain of Rings – a splash pad where kiddos can play and cool off. Click HERE for more information on upcoming events at Centennial Park.


    • 24、Piedmont Park-In addition to gorgeous views of the Atlanta skyline, this park features walking/jogging paths, picnic facilities, playgrounds, tennis courts, public swimming pools, two ponds, and a dog park. Don’t miss Lake Clara Meer, located in the southern end of the park as it is one of the prettiest parts of the park.


    • 25、Atlanta Beltline – This park is a great place to bring your dog, rent a bike (or bring your own bike, skates, or scooter), and/or take the kiddos to Historic Fourth Ward Skate Park. You can also enjoy outdoor Art Exhibits during Art on the Beltline.


    Tips on Visiting Atlanta, Georgia

    • Atlanta is mostly a driving city. You’re either going to want to rent a car or master the art of Uber before you go. On the days Kate worked, I just got Ubered around. The prices were super cheap during low demand. Just watch out driving between 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. as traffic can be insane. (Use SAMANTHAG22UE on your first ride!)
    • If you have seasonal allergies, prepare. Holy cow, I was not expecting the pollen to be remotely as bad as it was. On my 2nd full day, I wound up turning around and coming back early because my allergies got so bad.
    • Hotlanta is a thing. Luckily I visited right before the late spring and summer season, so I avoided just how humid Atlanta can get. One of my other friends told me her credit card melted because she accidentally left it in the car, that’s how high the temperatures rise!
    • You might recognize the city from some of your favorite movies and shows. No, seriously, a lot has been filmed in and around Atlanta. From The Hunger Games sequels*to “Drop DeadDiva,”* you’ll find yourself getting a bit of deja vu as you travel around.
    • Safety. I never felt unsafe in Atlanta, but I also hardly walked around on my own. While it’s a generally safe city, some parts can be a bit dodgier, so just keep this in mind.
    • Atlanta CityPASS – Depending on what you want to do, you may want to purchase the CityPASS to save some money*.

    27、Hike Stone Mountain

    28、Walk around Ponce City Market.

    I know I’ve mentioned it a few times already above, so let me explain a little about what Ponce City Market. Right on the Beltline and in the Old Fourth Ward, Ponce actually fairly new to Atlanta. It’s in the former Sears, Roebuck, & Co building and aims to breathe new life into the city’s historic areas while offering something for the communities it connects. You can read the whole history on its site.

    29、Watch the sun rise or set from Jackson Street Bridge.

    Tips: Getting there is actually super confusing if you don’t have a car! It goes over another road, and it’s by Freedom Park, but it’s hard to tell if Freedom Park is below the bridge or on the same level. It won’t show up in Uber, so I found it on Google Maps and essentially picked a corner to drop a pin in the Uber app. My driver was pretty confused, but we managed to find it! It’s totally worth the early morning wake-up call. Look for where Cain St. meets Jackson St. NE to drop your pin.




    Every Thursday, until August 3, catch some of the best 90’s movies in Central Park at Atlantic Station. Pack a picnic, bring a blanket, pull up a chair, whatever makes you comfy. Movies start at dusk.


    Every Thursday you can sweat it out on the Beltline with free workouts to Caribbean music. Classes are from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm.




    Laugh the night away with Improv in the Park at Atlantic Station, hosted by Whole World Improv. This free show is held every first Wednesday of the month at 8:00 pm.




    Check out the complimentary yoga classes held on in Colony Square (by the #IAmMidtown letters) every Wednesday starting at 6 pm. If you attend four sessions you get free Sweat Swag…who doesn’t like free stuff on top of free stuff?!


    This quirky area of Atlanta is a world of its own. Peruse through the shops, grab a bite to eat, and be entertained by the many street performers.



    Take a joy ride on the Atlanta Street Car and visit historical sites such as the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical site, Centennial Olympic Park, and nearby neighborhoods. Price starts at $1 for adults.


    36、Zoo Atlanta is one of the coolest zoos that you’ll ever visit.

    Not only is it home to hundreds of different species, but it also offers educational entertainment in the form of shows, demonstrations, animal feedings, summer camps, yoga classes and more.

    37、Georgia State Capitol
    With its gigantic golden dome, the Georgia State Capitol is impressive inside and out.

    It’s much more than a place where politicians work.


    38、Denton Branch Falls – This is one of my favorite falls in Georgia, so don’t tell anyone! The hike is only 2/10 of a mile, but the falls are so gorgeous it’s worth a visit. You can swim at the bottom of the falls, and escape for the day.
    39、Elachee Nature Center – Stick with hiking, which is free.  There are short trails and longer trails (2+ miles) which lead to a 140′ suspension bridge.
    40、Folk Art Garden – It’s about an acre of miniature castles, homes, and such…all painstakingly built of pebbles, shells, ceramic tile, glass, and cement.  There are about 50 structures of varying sizes gathered between plants and shrubs to look like a fairytale village. The tallest one is maybe four feet!
    41、Goats on the Roof –It’s a gift shop…a restaurant with fudge and ice cream…and an arcade.  But you really go for the goats. They walk along the roofs of the building complex.
    42、Labyrinth in Rome – Right up the hill is the Rome Visitor Center where you can learn about several other places to visit, like Berry College or Ridge Ferry Park. Rome is worth a day of exploration (or more!)
    43、Sleepy Hollow – Sleepy Hollow is a store AND an “enchanted garden” of fairies and gnomes.  The fairy homes found here are the work of Art Millican, Jr, a former Disney artist and model-maker. This is truly one of those secret great places near Atlanta.


    44、Frisbee Golf – There are over 85 courses in Georgia, so there is bound to be one by you, and most are free. Another fun idea? Foot golf!!
    45、Take A Hike – If you’re hiking outside the Georgia State Park system, most hikes are free. Click through to see 125 fun hikes, all under 2 miles.
    46、Visit a Skate Park – If you’re bold enough, then bring the skateboard, helmet, and ….first aid kit (?) and head for one of the skate parks around Atlanta. The Old Fourth Ward Skate Park off the Atlanta Beltline is one of our favorites.  If you’re not so brave (like me) then venture to a skate park as a spectator.
    47、Window Shop at a local Flea Market – There are just so many around the state, and the potential for fun is great. Even the kids will love this “life-size” scavenger hunt for great finds.

    48、 The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area is about a half-hour drive from Atlanta, so you’ll need to be comfortable taking a side trip outside of the city, but it’s very much worth the gas.

    It has some of the most brilliant scenery in all of Georgia.

    49、ou probably know that Georgia is famous for its peaches, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that these fruits are cut, baked, battered and fried in a million different ways in their home state.

    However, Revolution Doughnuts is a rare location that’s managed to do something new and fun with peaches: peach sliders!

    50、Chastain Park is one of the most well-known Atlanta attractions.

    Its amphitheater has welcomed hundreds of actors, musicians and comedians to the stage, including Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, Adam Sandler and Idina Menzel.