February1 , 2023

    Best Tips for LEGOLAND California (2022)


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    About LEGOLAND California

    LEGOLAND California Resort is located in Carlsbad, San Diego, California. It opened in 1999 and is mainly centered on Lego bricks. It is the third in the world and the first Lego brick park outside of Europe. The biggest feature of California Lego Brick Park ,is that the main scenery in the park is built with Lego bricks. The animals, street scens, characters and animation stories are built using high-tech technology, which not only moves freely, but also makes sounds and sprays water. Fire-breathing, very realistic. The big,gest attraction of the park is the Manhattan skyscraper built with Lego blocks, the Golden Gate Bridge and the statues of the top four US presidents on Mount Rushmore, which are liflike from a distance. Children can play freely in the amusement facilities built with building blocks, and even disassemble and build the building blocks by themselves, which is very helpful for developing children’s creativity. Dinosaur Island is the most popular place for children, in addition to this, Pirate Shore, Adventure Village, Castle Hill, Mini America and Fantasy Zone also have their own characteristics.

    【LEGOLAND California Theme Park】

    Legoland California is mainly composed of Legoland, water park and aquarium as well as theme hotels. These three theme parks are independent of each other. Legoland is the main body of the game, and some landscapes and amusement facilities are here; the water park is open in summer The park mainly includes some lego-style water projects; some aquatic animals and plants can be seen in the aquarium.

    • Legoland California Legoland : Legoland’s main play area, full of rides.
    • Legoland Water Park : The park in the garden, located in Legoland, has a separate gate entrance, suitable for children who like to play with water. You need to buy an additional ticket or upgrade to enter, and it will be closed briefly in winter.
    • Sea Life Aquarium : at the entrance of Legoland, not big. Tickets need to be purchased separately.
    • Legoland Hotels : On the other side of the door to Legoland. The price is a bit high, but it is worth taking children to experience, and children like it very much. If you plan to stay at the Lego Hotel, it is recommended to buy a package of Legoland and Lego Hotel, which can be cheaper.

    A Guide to Legoland California

    【Official website address】https://www.legoland.com/california/ 

    【Contact number】   (888) 690-5346

    【Business hours】

    • Legoland Water Park: Temporarily closed
    • Sea Life Aquarium: 10:30am to 5:30pm

    Each park has different business hours every day, please check the official website for details .

    【Age suitable】 The park is for children from 2 to 12 years old. Children under the age of 3 do not need to buy tickets to Legoland New York, you just pay for the shuttle.

    【Park address】 One Legoland Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008

    【Traffic routes】

    There is no direct bus to Legoland California. It is more convenient to choose to drive or take a taxi. Legoland is only about an hour’s drive from San Diego, New York and the nearby Disneyland, so it is very convenient to come and go.


    • Cars Regular car: $25.
    • Motorcycles Motorcycles: $25.
    • Campers/RVs: $35.
    • Preferred Parking: $35, slightly closer to the door .

    Additional State Legoland Map



    The picture comes from legoland.com, the copyright belongs to the original author


    【Legoland California Tickets and Prices】

    One- day ticket : Legoland only, adults from $100.99, children (3-12) from $94.99;

    Two-day ticket : Legoland+Sea Life Auarium, from $120.99 for adults, $114.99 for children (3-12);

    Hotel + Legoland Ticket Package : From $160/person;

    Annual Pass :

    • Silver Annual Pass : $179.99
    • Platinum Annual Pass (Legoland+Sea Life Auarium+Water Park): $239.99 or $15/month
    • Elite Annual Pass (Legoland+Sea Life Auarium+Water Park): $299.99 or $20/month



    The picture comes from legoland.com, the copyright belongs to the original author


    How to buy Legoland California tickets?


    Tickets for Legoland California can be bought on the official website, third-party platforms, or on-site. The disadvantage of the official website is that it is written in English or French, and there is a risk of being sold out on the spot. Basically, the Internet is developed now, and everyone is directly on the third-party platform. (Klook, KKDAY), the website for buying Legoland California tickets at home and abroad are listed below, let’s take a look at where to buy cheap discount tickets:


    LEGOLAND California official website:



    Tips for visiting Legoland California

    1. Best time to play in Legoland

    A visit to LEGOLAND California can take a full day, so it’s best to get there early in the morning. This way, you can queue the shortest and play the longest.

    If you can choose, try to avoid summer, because summer is the peak tourist season, not only will there be long queues, but the cost of accommodation will also be higher. Fortunately, San Diego has a mild climate most of the time, so you can enjoy these facilities in the fall and winter.

    2. Check the LEGO Movie 4D schedule in advance

    The Lego Movie 4D is a new show launched by Legoland. Usually, there are many people queuing up during the day. Therefore, you can look forward to the shows that you want to go to in the afternoon with fewer people, and then you can save the time of queuing.

    3. The facility design of Legoland is mainly aimed at children aged 2-12

    So don’t worry, the thrilling-looking roller coaster won’t scare the kids, just go and play!

    4. Reasonable use of Legoland Reserve N Ride

    Legoland has 14 of the most popular rides in the park. You can reserve one at a time with Reserve N Ride. The machine will display the reservation time and remind you that the time is almost up. You don’t need to wait in line while waiting, saving a lot of time. Have some fun!

    5. Don’t focus on the most popular amenities

    The queuing line of Legoland does not seem to be long, but the flow speed is extremely slow, but there are usually many Legos around the line for play, so that children are not bored, and Legoland also has many “non-popular” facilities, which are just as fun and interesting. , saves queuing time, and the fun will not be less.

    6. Souvenirs are packaged and delivered to the door

    No one likes to carry big bags of souvenirs with both hands when playing in the park, right? The souvenir shop in Legoland provides you with a thoughtful service: you can help you pack the souvenirs you choose, send them to the exit, and pick them up when you leave the park, which can save you a lot of effort!

    7. What can’t be missed is the beauty

    Although Fun Town does not have large-scale amusement facilities, it may be the most interesting park in Legoland. There are police stations and fire stations in the town, which are very suitable for parent-child interaction and learning various knowledge; Lego Factory and Adventure Club will give you the opportunity, Let you build your own LEGO world; there is also a 4D cinema, which is definitely worth spending some time to experience!

    Miniland is another recommended park. Imagine major cities and famous attractions in the United States such as Washington, D.C., New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, etc., all turned into mini Lego and presented in front of your eyes, too. Amazing!

    8. Must try the fried apple strips

    Don’t say you’ve been to Legoland if you haven’t eaten fried apple strips! At Granny’s Apple Fries on Castle Hill and Sweet Street, fresh apples are cut into strips, deep-fried until golden and crisp, sprinkled with a thin layer of cinnamon sugar, and finished with vanilla whipped cream. You can taste it yourself!

    9. Save money on photography

    Although there will be professional photographers in the park to take pictures for you as souvenirs, but if you want to save money, there are actually colorful Lego attractions everywhere in Legoland, and it is worth taking pictures everywhere. To be honest, it should be difficult for you here. Taking ugly pictures?

    10. Play equipment list

    • Put on sunscreen, put on a hat, and you’ll be outside all day.
    • Bring or wear a swimsuit if you plan to go to the water park.
    • A camera, smartphone or other recording device is essential.
    • Bring bottled water and snacks (but no reheatable staples) if you don’t want to consume in the park.
    • Remember to wear comfortable shoes, the park is huge and you may be walking a lot.
    • Bring your LEGO Minifigures! You can exchange your LEGO minifigures with any employee at the park or trading post.

    Tips for visiting Legoland

    • If you don’t want to wait in line for a long time, you can go directly to the deepest part of Legoland after the park opens, where there are not many tourists, and then visit in the opposite direction. (There is a private passage in the hotel introduction at the back of the article, which can be entered directly from the back door of the park, without having to queue for a long time)
    • If you are interested in Legoland Water Park or Oceanarium, it is recommended to buy a combination ticket. This is cheaper than buying tickets individually.
    • The best time to visit the water park is before 11am or after 3pm. Choose these two time slots and you’ll have a lot less queues.
    • You can download the LEGO app for a map of the park, information on special shows and guides to attractions.
    • You can also download a version of the interactive map from the web for advance information on consultations.
    • Many LEGO projects have height restrictions. Before going to play, it is best to check the height restrictions of various facilities, so as not to wait in line for a long time to find out that your child is not tall enough to play.
    • Hassle-free shopping. The LEGO Store has the most complete range of LEGO products! There are several larger stores near the park entrance. But you can buy it at any store in Legoland. The clerk will pack your purchases, you just need to go and pick them up before you leave.
    • Even if you don’t plan to go to a water park, it’s a good idea to keep a swimsuit, towels, and a change of clothes in your car, just in case.
    • If you don’t want to carry your stuff with you, there are lockers at Pirate Coast for $3 per locker (the cheapest in the park). There’s also a dryer, so try it for $5.
    • To-go reheatable staples are not permitted in the park (exceptions for those with dietary restrictions and infants).


    LEGOLAND California with Kids Q & A

    What’s the best age for LEGOLAND California? – If you’re traveling with a child 2-12 years old, this is the ideal age for the theme park. Keep reading for tips on what to do at LEGOLAND California with kids, including babies and teenagers.

    Best time to go to LEGOLAND California? – Avoid weekends, summer season, 3-day weekends and holidays, if possible. Hint: If school is out of session, LEGOLAND will be busy!

    Can You Bring Outside Food into LEGOLAND?

    Water bottles and small snacks are permitted.