October5 , 2022

    How long will it take for the 2022 U.S. tax return to arrive?


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    After filing tax returns every year, most of my friends want to know how long does it take for the tax refund to arrive?

    The latest reminder from the IRS , Where’s My Refund or IRS2Go App is the most convenient way to inquire about federal tax refunds, while using E-file electronic tax returns and choosing Direct Deposit to directly deposit into the account is the safest and fastest way to receive tax refunds.

    What will cause the tax refund to be delayed?

    In general, the IRS will send the refund within 21 days of receipt of the tax return if the tax return is correct. However, the processing time may increase for several reasons, such as:

    • The tax information is incorrect or incomplete;
    • Affected by identity theft or fraud;
    • The tax return contains claims for credits such as EITC or ACTC;
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    • The time between the IRS issuing the tax refund and the time when the bank accepted it and received it happened to be a holiday.

    However, the IRS said that applying for Recovery Rebate Credit will not result in a tax refund delay unless the declared relief amount is incorrect.

    If the IRS needs more information to process the tax refund, the IRS will contact the tax preparer by letter .

    Below, Rain will teach the newcomers how to use the IRS Where’s My Refund? (Where is my tax refund?) to check the tax refund status, and where to check the state tax refund status.

    Where’s My Refund Where is my tax refund?

    IRS official website tax refund query

    IRS tax refund query

    Image from IRS.gov, copyright belongs to the original author

    After filing tax returns every year, 24 hours after E-File , or 4 weeks after mailing a tax return , you can check the tax refund status on the IRS official website.

    IRS tax refund query steps are as follows:

    1. Prepare information: SSN or ITIN registered for tax return, tax return status, tax refund amount on tax return
    2. Open the official website www.irs.gov/refunds
    3. Click on ” Check My Refund Status ” in the picture above
    4. Fill in the information as prompted and click the “Submit” button

    IRS tax refund query steps

    As long as the information is correct, the tax refund query result will be displayed as follows:

    IRS tax refund query results

    • Return Received : The tax form has been received
    • Return is still being processed : the tax form is still being approved
    • Refund Approved : The tax refund has been approved
    • Refund Sent : Tax refund has been sent

    IRS2Go App

    IRS2Go App to check tax refund

    Image from digtal.gov, copyright belongs to the original author

    In addition to checking on the IRS official website, you can also easily download the IRS2Go App on your mobile phone or tablet to check your tax refund.

    Similarly, simply enter the SSN/ITIN , tax declaration status and tax refund amount , and click ” Get Status ” to check the tax refund status.

    State tax refund inquiry

    Where’s My State Refund? The IRS official website can only check the federal tax refund, while the state tax refund has to be checked on the state official website, and the specific requirements are almost the same as the IRS. Below are the state tax refund inquiry URLs and state tax refund processing times.

    • Note: “-” indicates that the state does not need to file state taxes and has no state tax refunds.
    • Note: “*” New Hampshire (NH) and Tennessee (TN) do not need to declare personal payroll income tax, but do need to declare interest/dividend income tax, generally there is no tax refund.
    State Official website Tax refund time


    AL Alabama State tax refund inquiry 8-10 weeks/8-12 weeks
    AK Alaska
    AZ Arizona State tax refund inquiry 10 days/12 weeks
    AR Arkansas State tax refund inquiry 21 working days/10 weeks
    CA California State tax refund inquiry 2 weeks/4 weeks
    CO Colorado State tax refund inquiry
    CT Connecticut State tax refund inquiry 3 weeks/10-12 weeks
    DE Delaware State tax refund inquiry 10-12 weeks
    DC Washington, D.C. Tax refund inquiry 6 weeks
    FL Florida
    GA Georgia State tax refund inquiry 90 working days
    HI Hawaii State tax refund inquiry 9-10 weeks/12 weeks
    ID Idaho State tax refund inquiry 7-8 weeks/10-11 weeks
    IL Illinois State tax refund inquiry 4 weeks/15 weeks
    IN Indiana State tax refund inquiry 3 weeks/12 weeks
    IA Iowa State tax refund inquiry 30-45 days
    KS Kansas State tax refund inquiry 10-14 days/16-20 weeks
    KY Kentucky State tax refund inquiry 2-3 weeks/8-12 weeks
    LA Louisiana State tax refund inquiry 45 days/14 weeks
    ME Maine State tax refund inquiry 4-6 weeks / longer
    MD Maryland State tax refund inquiry soon/30 days
    MA Massachusetts State tax refund inquiry 6 weeks/10 weeks
    MI Michigan State tax refund inquiry 2 weeks/6-8 weeks
    MN Minnesota State tax refund inquiry 72 hours/6 weeks
    MS Mississippi State tax refund inquiry 8-10 weeks
    MO Missouri State tax refund inquiry 5 days/4 weeks
    MT Montana State tax refund inquiry 1 week/6 weeks
    NE Nebraska State tax refund inquiry 30 days/3 months
    NV Nevada
    NH New Hampshire State tax filing*
    NJ New Jersey State tax refund inquiry 4 weeks/12 weeks
    NM New Mexico State tax refund inquiry 6-8 weeks/8-12 weeks
    NY New York State tax refund inquiry 14 days/6-8 weeks
    NC North Carolina State tax refund inquiry 6 weeks/12 weeks
    ND North Dakota State tax refund inquiry no description
    OH Ohio State tax refund inquiry 15 working days/8-10 weeks
    OK Oklahoma State tax refund inquiry 14-21 days/4-6 weeks
    OR Oregon State tax refund inquiry 4 weeks+
    PA Pennsylvania State tax refund inquiry 8-10 weeks
    RI Rhode Island State tax refund inquiry 10-15 days/4-6 weeks
    SC South Carolina State tax refund inquiry 6-8 weeks
    SD South Dakota
    TN Tennessee State tax filing*
    TX Texas
    UT Utah State tax refund inquiry 120 days or after March 1
    VT Vermont State tax refund inquiry 30 days/8-12 weeks
    VA Virginia State tax refund inquiry 4 weeks/8 weeks
    WA Washington State
    WV West Virginia State tax refund inquiry 3 weeks/10 weeks
    WI Wisconsin State tax refund inquiry 12 weeks / longer
    WY Wyoming

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    Have you filed your taxes this year? Have you all received your IRS tax refund and state tax refund? Welcome to share the tax refund processing time of each state.