Hibachi Near Me

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Hibachi Near Me

Find the nearest Hibachi restaurant to your current location, in your city, by browsing the map below.

What is Hibachi?
The traditional Japanese hibachi is not usually used for cooking, but for heating. In English, though, "Hibachi" often refers to cooking grills. "Hibachi-style" cooking is often used in the US as a term for Japanese Teppanyaki cooking  (gas-heated hotplates are integrated into tables around which many people can sit and eat at once). The Hibachi cook then performs the cooking in front of the diners, with theatrical flair.

Technically, Teppanyaki grills are gas-heated hotplates best used for small dishes, whereas a Hibachi barbecue grill has a charcoal or gas flame and an open grate design.

Hibachi style buffet restaurants has also become increasingly popular. In these, the chef will usually still cook "live" in open view, but not at your table.

If you are looking for a Hibachi-style restaurant in your area, then please use the location map below. The largest Hibachi chain of restaurants in America is 'Benihana', which operates 116 Teppanyaki (Hibachi) restaurants in the USA.
Hibachi Near Me - Use the Map.
Use the map below to locate the Hibachi restaurants closest to your location. We prefer GoogleMaps, as they have the most detailed and reliable map service.

Click on the map locations above to reveal Hibachi restaurant phone numbers, addresses and opening hours. The map automatically detects your location via your GPS mobile funcktion or your desktop address.
Map Alternatives.

There are several good alternatives to GoogleMaps, if you are looking for an online map service, that include local restaurants.

These are our Top 5:

  • GoogleMaps
  • Waze
  • Bing Maps
  • Navmii
  • Mapquest
Top Apps for finding Hibachi Restaurants Near Me.

These are Top 5 Restaurant Finder/Hibachi Finder Apps as of 2016. All of the app allows you to search seperately for types of restaurants and foods, for example "Hibachi" or Japanese Food". Download one of these as an alternative to the map above.
  • OpenTable App - (iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS)
  • Google Places Restaurant App - (iOS/Android)
  • Urbanspoon App - (iOS/Android/BlackBerry)
  • Foodspotting App - (iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7)
  • Yelp Restaurant App -  (iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS)
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Part of the allure of Hibachi restaurants is the spectacle of 'live' cooking, which often involves 'flame effects'. This doesn't add much to the flavor, but it sure looks good, and it becomes a great talking point at what could otherwise have been a dull dinner.

If you are still not sure what to expect at a Hibachi restaurant, then please watch this video:

Bon appetit!

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