30K Childcare Spots Ready For NYC School Reopening: De Blasio

nearmetips Posted: 2020-9-11 14:53:00
The “Learning Bridges” free childcare program is open for enrollment and will have 100,000 spots open by December, officials said Tuesday. (NYC Mayor's Office)
NEW YORK CITY — The city's new free childcare program will only offer 30,000 spots when school returns, officials said.

But the "Learning Bridges" program will have 100,000 spots by December for parents looking for help juggling work and complicated remote and blended learning school schedules amid the coronavirus pandemic, they said.

"We will get to 100,000," Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday. "Starting something from scratch is a huge endeavor. It just did not exist before, it had to be created."

De Blasio in July announced the city would offer free childcare slots by using space in libraries, community centers and other places. Those would help parents who need to work on schedule remote learning days, he promised.

Parents have complained the return to school puts them in a childcare bind. A Patch survey found 38 percent of parents responded they "don't know" how they'll handle childcare.

"This is a nightmare," one parent responded to Patch.

De Blasio said Learning Bridges will offer free childcare from preschool to eight grade starting Sept. 21. It will be highly prioritized toward parents with the greatest need, he said.

Preschool students in the program will receive free meals, early learning courses and other support, said Susan Haskell, deputy commissioner for youth services, on Tuesday.

Likewise, the K-8 program will give space for remote learning, creative arts and STEM instruction, recreation and physical fitness, along with free meals, Haskell said.

Officials make sure the students stay in the program with as many classmates as possible and coordinate with the city's Test + Trace corps, officials said.

Parents will have previously expressed interest will be automatically enrolled, Haskell said.

Other interested parents can call 311 or click here.


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