Alameda County Health Officer Issues Thanksgiving Guidance

nearmetips Posted: 2020-11-17 08:22:42
Keep any gatherings "small, short, stable and safe," Bay Area health officials said. (Shutterstock)
ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA — Health officials in Alameda County and across seven other Bay Area counties issued guidance Monday on Thanksgiving holidays and travel.

Any gatherings should be "small, short, stable and safe," and ideally close enough to home to avoid long-distance travel, health officers said in a statement. The public can protect themselves by holding gatherings outdoors, wearing face coverings and keeping a distance from others who are not in their households. Don't forget to avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth, get a flu shot, and wash and sanitize hands often.

If a gathering is important to you, consider postponing that haircut or indoor meal to reduce exposure, officials said. Any activity outside of your home can increase chances of COVID-19 exposure.

Nobody should travel if they are sick, officials said. If you must travel, don't share cars with people you don't live with. If you must share a car, wear masks, open the windows and try to stick with the same cohort of passengers, officials said.

Airplane air is filtered and viruses do not spread easily on flights, but travelers will be spending time within six feet of others and around frequently touched surfaces, officials said.

While California does not require people to quarantine upon arrival to the Golden State, some state governments or countries subject Californian visitors to mandatory quarantine and testing, officials said. Check before you leave.

Consider which family members may be older or at higher risk of falling ill and remember that COVID-19 patients may spread the virus without experiencing symptoms, officials said.

Upon a traveler's return, they should consider getting tested three to seven days later, whether you feel symptoms or not, officials said. Monitor yourself for symptoms for up to two weeks.

But the safest way to celebrate is with virtual gatherings or at home, officials said.

People can decorate their homes, share a virtual meal, host online parties and contests, or deliver traditional meals to family members and neighbors. Visit a drive-in movie night, seasonal art installation or drive-by event, officials said.

See the full list of tips below:


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