Alameda County Voters Guide: General Election 2020

nearmetips Posted: 2020-11-17 08:40:09
Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. (Renee Schiavone/Patch)
ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA — Election Day is days away and many voters have yet to cast ballots for candidates seeking to represent them in Congress or in the local council chambers.

If you're looking for a ballot drop box or in-person voting location, get more information here. If you've already mailed your ballot, you can track it here and sign up to receive notifications about its status.

Below, you'll find a list of races that will appear on the ballots of Alameda County voters. Don't forget to stay tuned to Patch on Election Day as results trickle in.

Note: Vote for one candidate in each race, unless otherwise specified.

13th Congressional District

  • Barbara Lee (D): incumbent
  • Nikka Piterman (R): teacher and software engineer

15th Congressional District
  • Alison Hayden (R): special education teacher
  • Eric Swalwell (D): incumbent

17th Congressional District

  • Ro Khanna (D): incumbent
  • Ritesh Tandon (R): small businessman
7th State Senate District

  • Steve Glazer (D): incumbent
  • Julie Mobley (R): mother
  • 9th State Senate District
  • Jamie Dluzak (L): book publisher
  • Nancy Skinner (D): incumbent

15th Assembly District

  • Sara Brink (N): filmmaker
  • Buffy Wicks (D): incumbent
  • 16th Assembly District
  • Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D): incumbent
  • Joseph A. Rubay (R): real estate appraiser

18th Assembly District
  • Rob Bonta (D): incumbenthay
  • Stephen Slauson (R): electrical contractor

20th Assembly District

  • Bill Quirk (D): incumbent
  • Alexis Villalobos (D): legal assistant

25th Assembly District
  • Bob Brunton (R): businessman and electronic manufacturer
  • Alex Lee (D): legislative policy advisor
County and Regional
Superior Court Judge, Office 2
  • Elena Condes: trial attorney
  • Mark Fickes: civil rights attorney

Supervisor, 1st District

AC Transit District Director
  • Victoria Fierce: nonprofit organization manager
  • Dollene C. Jones: businesswoman
  • H. E. Christian (Chris) Peeples: incumbent

AC Transit District Director, Ward 1
  • Jovanka D. Beckles: community support organizer
  • Ben Fong: transportation policy director
  • Joe L. Wallace: incumbent

AC Transit District Director, Ward 2

  • Greg Harper: business attorney
  • Jean Walsh: sustainable transportation professional
  • Alameda County Water District Director (Choose three)
  • Aziz Akbari: incumbent
  • Ramesh Gopalan: senior technology manager
  • James Gunther: incumbent
  • Martin L. Koller: retired wastewater professional
  • John Weed: incumbent

BART Director, District 5

  • Steven Dunbar: transit systems engineer
  • John McPartland: incumbent
  • Mike Wallace: financial manager

BART Director, District 7

  • Sharon Kidd: police reform counselor
  • Lareefah Simon: incumbent
  • East Bay Regional Park District Director, Ward 1
  • Elizabeth Echols: appointed incumbent
  • Norman La Force: environmental protection attorney

Eden Township Healthcare District Directors (Choose two)

  • Varsha Chauhan: doctor, hospital CEO
  • Winny Knowles: retired registered nurse
  • Pam Russo: R.N., health care administrator, incumbent
  • Chike Udemezue: researcher and financial analyst

Fairview Fire Protection District Directors (Choose three)
  • Sarah Choi: incumbent
  • Melissa Dimi: incumbent
  • Nicholas Harvey: sustainable urban forester
  • Mark McDaniel: incumbent

Oro Loma Sanitary District Board of Directors (Choose two)

  • Bob Glaze: appointed incumbent
  • Benny Lee: councilmember and project manager
  • Paul Stelzmann: water treatment operator
  • Dan Walters: incumbent
  • Washington Township Healthcare District Directors (Choose two)
  • William F. Nicholson: medical doctor and cardiologist
  • Chitra Ramanathan: attorney
  • Jeannie Yee: appointed incumbent

Chabot - Las Positas Community College District Trustee, Area 1

  • Robert Carlson: retired college president
  • Luis Reynoso: university business professor

Ohlone Community College District Trustees, Area 2 (Choose three)

  • Greg Bonaccorsi: incumbent
  • Lance Kawn: nonprofit administrator
  • Richard E. "Rick" Norris: civil engineer
  • Amit Patel: artist and entrepreneur
  • Rakesh Sharma: retired professor

Peralta Community College District Trustee, Area 1

  • Jeff Heyman: city communications analyst
  • Bill Withrow: incumbent

San Joaquin Delta Community College District Trustee, Area 6

  • Teresa R. Brown: incumbent
  • Casey J. Goodall: retired school administrator

Castro Valley Unified School District Governing Board Members (Choose three)
  • Dolly Adams: teacher
  • Mike Kusiak: educational policy manager
  • Monica R. Lee: incumbent
  • Sharon R. Parker: retired teacher
  • Levender Whitaker: incumbent
  • Kristy (Dooman): retired teacher
Alameda Unified School District Governing Board Member (Choose three)
  • Beth Aney: attorney
  • John Casselberry: father and author
  • Verna Castro: education program administrator
  • Heather Little: education nonprofit director
  • Megan Sweet: educator
  • Leland Traiman: retired nurse practitioner
  • Jennifer Williams: incumbent

City Council (Choose two)
  • Gig Codiga: business executive
  • Jim Oddie: incumbent
  • Trish Spencer: attorney
  • Malia Vella: incumbent and college professor
  • Amos J. White: environmental nonprofit executive

  • Kevin Kearney: incumbent

  • Kevin Kennedy: incumbent
City Council (Choose three)
  • Tod Abbot: local business owner
  • Ge'Nell Gary: liability program manager
  • Preston Jordan: engineering geologist and hydrogeologist
  • Aaron Tiedemann: housing analyst and student

Board of Education (Choose two)
  • Brian Beall: software engineer
  • Melissa Boyd: attorney
  • Veronica Davidson: educator
  • Jesse Arreguín: incumbent
  • Aidan Hill: homeless commission vice chair
  • Wayne Hsiung: environmental attorney
  • Naomi D. Pete

City Council District 2
  • Timothy W. Carter: business owner and commissioner
  • Cheryl Davila: incumbent
  • Alex Sharenko: solar energy scientist
  • Terry Taplin: transportation commission vice chair

City Council District 3

  • Ben Bartlett: incumbent
  • Orlando Martinez: construction manager
  • Deborah Matthews: real estate broker
  • City Council District 5
  • Todd Andrew: real estate salesperson
  • Sophie Hahn: incumbent
  • Paul Darwin Picklesimer: community center manager

City Council District 6

  • Richard Illgen: social justice attorney
  • Susan Wengraf: incumbent

School Directors (Choose two)
  • Laura Babitt: parent and financial auditor
  • José Luis Bedolla: nonprofit and CEO
  • Mike Chang: education law attorney
  • Norma J. F. Harrison: community volunteer
  • Esfandiar Imani: risk management consultant
  • Ana Vasudeo: schools transportation planner

Rent Stabilization Board Commissioners (Choose five)
  • Bahman Ahmadi: retired engineer
  • Xavier Johnson: tenants' rights advocate
  • Andy Kelley: Alameda County planning commissioner
  • Carole Marasovic: homeless commissioner and attorney
  • Dan McDunn: home builder
  • Mari Mendonca: appointed incumbent
  • Pawel Moldenhawer: green building contractor
  • Wendy Saenz Hood Neufeld: retired media coordinator
  • Soulmaz Panahi: real estate agent
  • Leah Simon-Weisberg: incumbent
  • Dominique Walker: community field organizer
  • Bianca Zahri: attorney
  • Arun Goel: councilmember, engineer
  • Melissa Hernandez: councilmember
  • Regina Pangelinan: small business owner

City Council (choose two)
  • Shawn Costello: game tech
  • Lucrecia Deleon: insurance broker
  • Razi Hasni: businessman and realtor
  • Sherry Hu: educator, entrpreneur and engineer
  • Michael McCorriston: corporate/nonprofit treasurer
  • Sri Muppidi: technology investor
  • Dawn Plants: retired construction administrator
  • Kashef Qaadri: scientist and cloud architect
  • Samir Qureshi: global operations executive

Dublin Unified School District Governing Board Members, Area 1
  • Dawn Mwamuo: physican and mother
  • Kristin Pelham: educator and parent

Dublin Unified School District Governing Board Members, Area 4
  • Gabi Blackman: incumbent
  • Michael Utsumi: fundraiser event coordinator
  • Vik Bajwa Singh: businessman
  • Christ Hampton: data scientist
  • Naz Mahika Khan: finance manager and broadcaster
  • Lily Mei: incumbent
  • Marlene Santilli: corporate safety assurance
  • Justin Sha: VP and professor

City Council #1
  • Teresa Keng: incumbent and small businesswoman

City Council #5
  • Dolev Gandler: student engineer
  • Raj Salwan: incumbent

City Council #6
  • Yogi Chugh: small business owner
  • Teresa Cox: Ohlone Community College trustee
  • Jhansi Kalapala: IT manager and leader
  • Charles Liu: businessman and parent
  • Andrew Quang Nguyen: senior application programmer
  • Roman Ree: stem cell advocate

Fremont Unified School District Governing Board Member, Area 1
  • Desire Y. Campbell: Fremont Unified School District Governing Board Member
  • Hiu Ng: retired technology executive

Fremont Unified School District Governing Board Member, Area 4
  • Jhansi Kalapala: Health IT manager
  • Yajing Zhang: businesswoman and parent

Fremont Unified School District Governing Board Member, Area 5
  • Michele Berke: Fremont Unified School District Governing Board Member
  • Vivek Prasad: tech executive and parent
  • Lucy Shen: software engineer and alumnus
City Council (Choose four)
  • Lacei Amodei: law clerk
  • Angela Andrews: manager and planning commissioner
  • Nestor Castillo: university lecturer
  • Elisha Crader: tenants' rights paralegal
  • Darrelle Demps
  • Tom Ferreira: hospital ER technician
  • Christ Caday Lozano: attorney, accountant and businessman
  • Elisa Márquez: incumbent
  • Son Nguyen: entrepreneur and marketing director
  • Olympia Joy Pereira: restaurant server
  • Joe Orlando Ramos: account manager and educator
  • Mark Salinas: incumbent and instructor
  • Francisco Zermeño: incumbent, businessman and educator

Hayward Unified School District Governing Board Members (Choose 3)
  • Simon "Peter" Gutierrez Bufete: instructor and library advocate
  • Robert Carlson: incumbent
  • Maria del Carmen Espinoza: parent and student advocate
  • William L. McGee: student achievement director
  • Eufemia del Carmen Meynard: special education advocate
  • Sara Prada: parent and business owner
  • Luis Reynoso: incumbent
  • Tami Rossell: parent and educator

Hayward Area Recreation & Park District Directors (Choose three)
  • Louis Manuel Andrade: incumbent
  • Rick Hatcher: incumbent
  • Joshua E. Kelton: general market merchandiser
  • Peter Rosen: licensed landscape contractor
  • Mony Nop: businessman
  • Bob Woerner: councilmember

City Council, District 3
  • Brittni Kiick: small business owner
  • Peter Patterson: medical account manager

City Council, District 4
  • Robert W. Carling: incumbent

Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District Governing Board Members (Choose two)
  • Yanira Guzmán: career coach and parent
  • Kandiss Hewing: human resource specialist
  • Charles "Chuck" Rogge: incumbent
  • Asa Strout: business analyst
  • Kristie Wang: public policy advocate

Livermore Area Recreation & Park District Directors (Choose two)
  • James E. Boswell: deputy sheriff and father
  • Jan Palajac: incumbent
  • Mike Ralph: bike shop manager
  • Stacey A. Swanson: retired business owner
  • Richard Tarbell: urban planner
  • Cornelius Lopes: cloud sales professional
  • Alan L. Nagy: incumbent
  • City Council (Choose two)
  • Maria "Sucy" Collazo: incumbent
  • Luis L. Freitas: incumbent
  • Taranjit "Singh" Gujral: director data science
  • Jason Miguel: city employee

Newark Unified School District Governing Board Members, Full Term (Choose three)
  • Christine Clinton: parent
  • Aiden Hill: businessman and educator
  • Phuong Nguyen: appointed incumbent
  • Bowen Zhang: appointed incumbent

Newark Unified School District Governing Board Member, Short Term
  • Amanda Chagoya: parent and businesswoman
  • Terrence Grindall: educational foundation president
City Council, at-large
  • Derreck B. Johnson: small business owner
  • Rebecca Kaplan: incumbent
  • Nancy Sidebotham: tax preparer

City Council District 1
  • Steph Dominguez Walton: businesswoman and mother
  • Dan Kalb: incumbent
  • Tri Ngo: electrical engineer

City Council District 3
  • Carroll Fife: nonprofit director
  • Lynette Gibson McElhaney: incumbent
  • Seneca Scott: small business owner
  • Meron Semedar: educator
  • Alexus Taylor: community volunteer
  • Faye Taylor: longshoreman

City Council District 5
  • Noel Gallo: incumbent
  • Zoe Lopez-Meraz: medical coordinator
  • Richard Santos Raya: legal educator

City Council District 7
  • Aaron Clay: small business owner
  • Marcie Hodge: nonprofit executive director
  • Robert "Bob" Jackson: pastor
  • Trava Reid: community engagement strategist
  • Marchon Tatmon: government affairs manager

City Attorney
  • Eli Ferran: deputy city attorney
  • Barbara Parker: incumbent

School Director, District 1
  • Austin Dannhaus: educator and business leader
  • Sam Davis: education analyst and parent
  • Stacy Thomas: self-employed bookkeeper
  • School Director, District 3
  • Maiya Edgerly: education nonprofit
  • Cherisse Gash: parent
  • Mark Hurty: project manager
  • Maximo Santana: educator
  • Vancedric Williams: teacher and treasurer

School Director, District 5

  • Leroy Roches Gaines: nonprofit director
  • Mike Hutchinson: educator
  • Jorge C. Lerma: educator
  • Sheila Pope-Lawrence: educator and administrator

School Director, District 7

  • Kristina Molina: communications coordinator
  • Ben "Coach" Tapscott: retired teacher
  • Bronché Taylor: artist, teacher and mentor
  • Clifford Thompson: 5th grade teacher
  • Victor Javier Valerio: transportation project engineer
City Council
  • N. "Sunny" Bostrom-Fleming
  • Jen Cavenaugh: incumbent
  • Connie Herrick: licensed acupuncturist
  • Conna McCarthy: attorney
  • Board of Education (Choose three)
  • Veronica Anderson-Thigpen: strategy consultant
  • Hilary Cooper
  • Jason Kelley: parent
  • Cory Smegal: incumbent
  • Hari Titan: big-data scientist
  • Karla Brown: councilmember and businesswoman
  • Druthi Ghanta: health engineer and scientist
  • Monith Ilavarasan: product manager
  • Jerry Pentin: councilmember and businessman
  • Tom Turpel: digital marketing manager

City Council (Choose two)
  • Nancy Allen: businesswoman
  • Valerie Arkin: Pleasanton Unified School District Governing Board member
  • Jack Balch: certified public accountant
  • Randy Brown: businessperson
  • Jarod Buna: attorney
  • Zarina Kiziloglu: student life coordinator
  • Chiman Lee: businessperson

Pleasanton Unified School District Governing Board Members (Choose three)
  • Mary Jo Carreon: retired teacher and parent
  • Steve Maher: incumbent
  • Kelly Mokashi: eLearning education professional
  • Chong Wang: IT consultant and parent
  • Jamie Yee: incumbent
San Leandro
City Council District 2
  • Bryan Azevedo: community organizer
  • Ed Hernandez: incumbent

City Council District 4

  • Christopher Bammer: automotive detail technician
  • Fred Simon: Oro Loma Sanitary District Board member

City Council District 6

  • Pete Ballew: vice mayor and incumbent

San Leandro Unified School District Governing Board Member, Area 5
  • Richard D. Chennault: IT director
  • Diana Prola: incumbent
Union City

  • Carol Dutra-Vernaci: incumbent and tax professional
  • Sarabjit Kaur Cheema: New Haven Unified School District trustee
  • Jaime Patino: councilman and finance manager

City Council District 1
  • Sandra Holder-Grayson: business owner
  • Gary Singh: incumbent

New Haven Unified School District Governing Board Member, Area 1
  • Lance Nishihara: incumbent
  • Jatinderpal Kaur Sahi: parent and health care CEO
  • New Haven Unified School District Governing Board Member, Area 2
  • Michelle Parnala: deputy probation officer
  • Melissa Shuen-Mallory: Alameda County Central Committee member
  • New Haven Unified School District Governing Board Member, Area 3
  • Michael Gonzales: teacher
  • Sharan T. Kaur: incumbent

Call the Alameda County Registrar of Voters at (510) 272-6973.


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