2021 New Year’s Eve guide

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Times Square New Year's Eve 2021  .jpg

1、Times Square New Year's Eve 2021
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, NYE 2021 will NOT be open to the public this year — but we hope all of you will enjoy the virtual celebrations safely from the comfort of your own home.

New Year's Eve World Wide Webcast from Times Square, New York City


2. Taipei 101, Taiwan

New Year's Eve in Taipei, the capital city of the island of Taiwan, is a visual spectacle.

3、New Year's Eve events and countdown parties in Tokyo

Photo: Ageha Tokyo/Twitter

Tokyo is usually filled with incredible parties and countdown celebrations. However, due to Covid-19, New Year's events in the city are limited. That doesn't mean there's nothing to do, though. Many of Tokyo's shrines are still open for the first prayer of the new year and you can still partake in the spritual bell-ringing ritual at some temples.
Here's our round up of NYE celebrations happening around the capital, and if you're still standing after all the countdown festivities, continue on to catch the first sunrise of 2021. Take your pick from our list below and get ready to say goodbye to 2020 in style.
BEFORE YOU GO: Check out the train and transport situation across Tokyo on New Year's Eve 2020/2021

4、London New Year’s Eve fireworks

London New Year’s Eve Fireworks. Image courtesy of Stewart Marsden.

The annual London New Year’s Eve fireworks event has been cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. But you can still enjoy an exciting, virtual New Year’s Eve broadcast from BBC One at home.
Big Ben's famous "bongs" ring out at midnight on New Year's Eve in London, to signal in the new year. This is usually followed by the UK's largest annual fireworks display over the London Eye, presented by the Mayor of London; however, the fireworks event has been cancelled this year.

Things to do on New Year's Eve
There are plenty of other things to do from home on New Year's Eve 2020, from online shows to at-home celebrations.
Under the latest coronavirus restrictions, London restaurants and bars are closed, but you can still order in a takeaway for your street food fix.
London New Year's Eve fireworks 2020 tickets
There are no London New Year’s Eve fireworks tickets available this year, as the event has been cancelled.
The hugely popular London's New Year's Eve fireworks have been ticketed since 2014 to ensure the event stays safe and fun for all. If you want to join in the celebrations on the night, you must have secured a ticket in order to attend.
Where to watch the fireworks
The New Year's Eve fireworks in London are usually televised. See last year's New Year's fireworks display in the video below or on the Visit London Instagram to feel the buzz of the city from home.
Although we won't be welcoming you to enjoy the fireworks this year, we hope to celebrate the fireworks next year.

5、 Marina Bay Countdown 2021Source: imgflip.com
This year’s countdown event at Marina Bay will take on a different light compared to previous years. As part of the authorities’ efforts to avoid crowding, there will NOT be any fireworks display at Marina Bay on New Year’s Eve. Instead, you can look forward to a light show and witness 60 light beams illuminate the night sky above The Promontory for“Shine a Light”.
The 3-minute animated light show will be put on for the whole month of December at 15 minutes interval from 8pm onwards.

Sydney, Australia, is the first major international city to greet the new year at midnight. The major fireworks display takes place at Sydney Harbour with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge providing a spectacular backdrop.
Islands in the harbor or family-friendly parks on either side offer great views.

A bonus for Sydney: Summer's just started there, and you can also take advantage of the city's beaches, including Manly, Bondi and Bronte.

Historic Red Square in Moscow provides one of the coldest but also one of the most visually appealing settings for a New Year's Eve fireworks display.
While you're there, you may want to see one of the world's most visited tombs, that of communist leader Vladimir Lenin, or take a tour of Cold War relics from the Soviet era.
If you want to celebrate in truly grand style with Russian flair, the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow may be for you. It's centrally located and has a rooftop bar.

8 New Year's Eve 2020/21 in Vienna
[size=1.15em]At the change of year, the whole of Vienna is given over to celebrating. The sounds of waltzes hang everywhere in the air. High spirits abound at gala dinners, in concert halls, at the opera or in chic bars.
Due to COVID-19, cultural and leisure facilities such as theaters, concert halls, cinemas and cabarets, as well as all restaurants and hotels are closed even on New Year's Eve.

New Year's Day in Vienna will be greeted in classic fashion with a morning "hangover cure" brunch – featuring a live broadcast of the Vienna Philharmonic's New Year's Concert. In some Viennese hotels there is a live broadcast over a cozy brunch.

9. Rio de Janeiro
If you want to greet a new year with about 2 million other souls in a warm beach resort, head to Rio de Janeiro.
The main gathering at Copacabana Beach traditionally features a variety of musical acts and fireworks.
If you want to party in classic Rio style, pay a visit to Jobi Bar. It's a social institution in the city, having been open since the 1950s.
Looking for a great view? Swing over to the Vista Chinesa, a small Chinese pagoda perched to provide a fantastic panorama.


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