June25 , 2022

    The most important things to do before you go to the hardware store


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    6 tips  before you go to the hardware store:

    1 Make a list of what you need to buy.
    If you need a specific size of something, note down the size, measurements or part number.

    2 If you need to see if something fits, like a hose, pipe or connector, bring your existing hardware with you.

    3 If you can’t bring the item with you, take a few pictures to show to the staff at the hardware store.

    4 If you have an instruction manual or owner’s manual for whatever you’re working on, bring it with you.

    5 Prepare a list of questions to ask at the hardware store
    The staff are there to help you determine the best materials and approach for your  project – don’t waste this valuable resource!

    6 Make sure you will be able to transport whatever you buy back to your home. Buying something big? Check if you’ll need to rent a truck, or discuss delivery possibilities while at the store.