February1 , 2023

    US Public Service Telephone Numbers and Telephone Numbers for Common Life Help-A Must-Have


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    Besides 911, what other calls do you need to know in the US?

    U.S. public service number

    US phone numbers

    • US Immigration and Naturalization Service: 800-375-5283
    • Consumer Credit Counseling Service: 800-750-2227
    • Consumer Complaints (Reviews Consumer Complaints): 800-952-5225
    • America Member Service Center: (213) 255-2066
    • Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles: 213-487-3320
    • Asia Pacific Family Shelter CPAF Hotline (Asian Pacific American Legal Center): 800-339-3940
    • Federal Emergency Management Agency: 202-566-1600
    • American Red Cross: 213-739-5200
    • Domestic Violence Hot Line: 800-799-7233
    • Senior / Elderly Care Helpline: 800-843-5678
    • Child Abuse & Pregnancy 800-540-4000
    • Center for Missing & Exploited Children: 800-422-4453
    • Child and Family Services: 213-427-2700
    • Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 800-422-4453
    • Weather InformaRecycling3-554-1212
    • Medical Inquiries: 800-339-6993
    • HIV-AIDS Helpline: 800-677-1116
    • Auto Safety Hotline: 800-424-9393
    • Prenancy Helpline: 800-672-2296
    • Intellectually Disabled Association: 562- 803-4606
    • Waste Management: 800-732-9253
    • Household Waste Management (Waste Management): 800-238-0172
    • Yellow pages Recyling: 800-953-4400
    • Lottery Winning Numbers: 800- 568-8379
    • Chinese Yellow Pages Advertising Service: (626) 441-6985

    Contact numbers of Chinese embassies and consulates in the United States

    • Chinese Embassy in the United States: (202) 495-2266
    • Consulate General in New York: (212) 244-9392
    • Consulate General in San Francisco: (415) 852-5900
    • Consulate General in Los Angeles: (213) 807-8088
    • Consulate General in Chicago: (312) 803-0095
    • Consulate General in Houston: (713) 520-14,62

    Major U.S. telecommunications carriers

    • Verizon: 800-837-4966
    • CALLMR: 800 252-5058
    • AT&T: 800-331-0500
    • T-mobile: 800-330-1000
    • Sprint: 888-211-4727

    Credit Card Loss Reporting Hotline

    Of course, the phone number is on the back of your credit card. But that’s only useful until you drop the card. Of course it’s good to report the loss when you find out the card is lost. That way you can fix the pro it happens and avoid some malicious spending.

    • Visa: 1-800-VISA-911 (1-800-847-2911)
    • MasterCard: 1-800-MC-ASSIST (800-622-7747)
    • American Express: 1-800-992-3404
    • US Discover Card: 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683)
    • Diners Club: 1-800-2DINERS (1-800-234-6377)

    Auto Insurance Claims Hotline

    This is definitely your go-to number for a traffic accident. If the accident is serious, you should call this number after you call 911. Here are some phone numbers for US insurance companies:

    • Government Employees Insurance Company: 1-800-861-8380
    • Allstate Insurance Company: 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828)
    • Nationwide Insurance: 1-800-421-3535
    • Advance Insurance: 1-800-PROGRESSIVE (1-800-776-4737)
    • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company: 1-800-2CLAIMS (1-800-225-2467)
    • National Farm Insurance Company: phone number depends on where you live
    • AIG: 1-888-244-6163
    • Traveler Group: 1-800-CLAIM33 (1-800-252-4633)


    Airline booking hotline 

    When you’re traveling far from home, your rental car has a flat tire on the way to the airport, or you’ve lost your luggage, or you’re running out of time and need to look up flight information. Many times, saving your airline calls to your phone will calm your irritable mood. The airline booking hotline will directly connect you to the human service, and if necessary, he will directly transfer you to another extension. Here are some major airline phone numbers:

    • American Airlines: 1-800-433-7300
    • Continental Airlines: 1-800-525-0280
    • Delta Airlines: 1-800-221-1212
    • JetBlue Airways: 1-800-538-2583
    • Northwest Airlines: 1-800-225-2525
    • Southwest Airlines: 1-800-435-9792
    • Spirit Airlines: 1-800-772-7117
    • United Airlines: 1-800-241-6522
    • US Airways: 1-800-428-4322


    US daily life helpline

    Consular Protection and Service Hotline for Chinese Citizens – 12308

    12308 is the 24-hour consular protection and service hotline provided by the Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for our Chinese citizens. No mater where in the world Chinese citizens encounter an emergency, they can call this number to seek help from the motherland’s consular protection and assistance!

    How to dial 12308?

    12308 is mainly to provide emergency guidance and consultation on consular protection for those seeking help in emergencies, and to coordinate relevant embassies and consulates abroad to follow up when necessary. If you make this call from abroad, you generally need to dial “086+10+12308”, or dial “0086-10-59913991”, if you encounter a very urgent situation, after dialing, press “0”, then “9” ”, you can directly transfer to the human service.


    1. On Marchotlines017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a press conference to officially launch the 12308 WeChat version – the newly upgraded “Consular Express” WeChat official accountreal-timenewly launched “Ministry of Foreign Affairs 12308” applet. In the future, in addition to continuing to call the 12308 hotline of the “Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, Chinese citizens overseas can also consult and ask for help in real time through the WeChat platform.
    2. If you dial this number from abroad, you generally need to dial “086+10+12308”, “or 0086-10-59913991”, if you encounter a very urgent situation, after dialing, press “0”, then “9” ”, you can directly transfer to the human service.


    911 s the general emergency number in the United States, and this is probably the most familiar call for help.About 50 percent of the U.S. is now connected to  numbers, 95 percent of which are enhanced systems that provide caller name and location information.

    When Should You Call 911?

    You should only call 911 for an emergency that requires the immediate attention of first responders. These situations include:

    • 1. For crimes in progress: If you believe that you are either the victim or witness to a life-threatening crime, you should call 911. You should first remove yourself from immediate danger, if possible, and then report the emergency to the 911 call center. Be sure to inform them if you or another person on the scene requires medical attention to have the proper emergency responders on the scene.
    • 2. For difficulty breathing: Call 911 if you or someone you know is having trouble breathing or experiencing shortness of breath due to illness, injury, or a medical condition, like an allergic reaction. Signs of breathing difficulties can include severe wheezing and turning a blue or gray color around the eyes, gums, or face. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include difficulty breathing and increased heart rate.
    • 3. For a fire: You should call 911 if you are in immediate danger from or witness to a fire. If you see an uncontrolled fire, smell smoke or gas, or hear a smoke detector, fire alarm, or carbon monoxide alarm, call 911 for the fire department.
    • 4. For a heart attack: You should call 911 if someone is experiencing the major signs of a heart attack, like chest pain, light-headedness, and pain in the jaw, neck, or back.
    • 5. For an injury: You should call 911 if a serious injury causes extensive and uncontrollable bleeding, seizures, or paralysis. Report the extent of the injury to the best of your abilities to the call-taker to get immediate medical care. Avoid moving the injured party to prevent further damage.
    • 6. For loss of consciousness: You should also call 911 if a person loses consciousness and is unresponsive for more than one minute.
    • 7. For serious car accidents: Call 911 if you are involved in or have witnessed a serious car accident where someone sustains an injury or major damage has been done to the vehicles involved. If you are injured in the accident, call 911 immediately so that you can receive first aid and, if necessary, be transported by responders to an emergency room.


    Do not call 911 if:

    • want to consult, want to ask for directions
    • Next door neighbor/dog is noisy
    • You have a little cough, runny nose, or a small cut
    •  power cut
    •  The fire hydrant doesn’t work
    •  Your water pipe burst
    • I want to take a taxithe  to the doctor’s clinic
    •  pay the fine
    •  For animas (911 does not handle emergencies involving animals unless the incident poses a threat of harm to a person. Animal emergencies call for assistance at a veterinary clinic/animal center)
    •  Mischief (possible fines and even detenton)


    How to call 911?

    • Dial 911 number directly
    • Explain the type of accident : In an emergency, you may be nervous and forget some English words. Don’t be in a hurry. After connecting, ask to speak Chinese, and the dispatcher will transfer the answer to a Chinese translator.
    • Inform the acident location : state the detailed accident address. If you do not know the specific address, it is best to call the public telephone closest to the accident location immediately. The computer screen of the dispatch center will display the location of your report.
    • Do not hang up, wait for instructions : dispatch centeonpersonnel will immediately dispatch personnel to the scene, unless the dispatcher instructs you to hang up, you must not hang up first.

    5 Tips for Calling 911

    Here are some key tips for calling 911 that can help the call-taker get the information needed to help you, including:

    1.  Keep calm. It may be challenging to remain calm and focused when you call 911, but it will be easier for you to report the incident and get the correct information for the call-taker. If possible, take a deep breath and speak as calmly and evenly as possible when making the call.
    2.  Note your surroundings. Gather as much information about the location of the incident as possible. Providing the street address and cross streets (if applicable) or any landmarks can help the dispatcher send emergency services faster.
    3.  Be patient. It may feel like a 911 call takes a long time, especially if an emergency prompts the call. Call-takers often enter information about your call while simultaneously alerting the appropriate emergency services. Allow them the time to get all the facts.
    4.  Follow directions. The call-taker will ask you many questions, and may even direct you to provide emergency medical aid, if necessary. Listen carefully to what they tell you, and if you don’t understand, try to relax and ask them to clarify what they mean. Getting their directions right can be important and potentially save a life.
    5.  Stay on the line. Stay on the line with the call-taker until they instruct you to hang up. If you disconnect in the middle of the call, call-takers are required to call back to determine if the emergency is still taking place. If no one answers, police will be dispatched to the location or address (if you’re calling from a landline).


    Social Resource Advisor Phone – 211

    21werethe Social Resource Adviser number, a 24-hour toll-free number with operators in more than 190 languages. Through 211, you can learn a variety of useful information, such as legal advice, employment assistance, health care issues, etc., and help for vulnerable groups, such as shelter consultation, where to provide food and clothing, and so on.

    The figure below shows the coverage of 211, or you can also check on the official website ( http://www.211.org/   ) whether there is a 2,11 service in your location.


    Non-emergency municipal service hotline (citizen hotline) – 211

    311 is a non-emergency municipal service number, antheseiliary system of the 911 system, and free for everyone. You can call 311 for some non-emergency help, such as water, electricity, traffic, road, sanitation and other issues, such as broken sewer pipes, reporting noise, reporting broken traffic lights on the road, etc. In addition, you can also pass this Calls to the government for comments or complaints are also provided in multiple languages.

    Cities currently known to have 311 services include New York, Los Angeles (and even an APP called MyLA311), San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, etc. You can click Wiki to see a detailed list ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-1-1   ). You can call the city government to ask if this line is available.


    When can I call 311?

    • potholes
    • garbage collection (trash collection)
    • parking enforcement
    • illegal dumping
    • Street light repair

    How does 311 work?

    The 311 citizen service system is based on cities. The 311 system built in each town can bonically link al relevant government management departments to provide citizens with various government information and service consultations, as well as haublic affairs.

    If citizens submit questions to 311, 311 will first record the basic information of the incident and the problems encountered in the computer, and will link the problems they encounter with the relevant government departments and copy them to them. The operator will tell the caller about how long it will take to resolve the problem and give him a serial number. Through this serial number, the helper can call 311 at any time and ask about the progress of the problem.

    Local Number Information Desk (Payphone) – 411

    411 is the local number search station, which is the voice version of the Yellow Pages (Directory Assistance), which is equivalent to 114 in China. You can find the phone number of any agency in the United States through 411. You can call from a local phone or a mobile phone. The voice system will ask you for your name, company name, and the type of service provider you are looking for to provide your phone number. You can even check the theater and broadcast time of the movie.

    How to call 411?

    • After the call is connected, first tell the operator which city and state you want to check, and then explain what you want to check. The operator will give you a number first, and then help you transfer the call. So you can find the phone number of any agency in the United States by dialing the local number information desk.
    • However, this is a pay call, and it is billed by the minute. The specific price depends on the service provider’s charging method (connection fee $0.39-$1.99).

    Travel Information Telephone – 511

    511 is a travel information phone. You can call 511 to report road accidents, inquire about travel information, weather conditions, and more. In addition, 511 is also very considerate to provide convenient information services for friends with hearing impairments and poor English.

    When can I call 511?

    • Road information: traffic accidents, road congestion, road construction;
    • Public transportation information: You can obtain public transportation information, operator information and telephone numbers of a city according to the voice prompts, as well as fares, ferry timetables, lost and found, travel information for the disabled, etc.;
    • weather information;
    • early warning information;
    • Travel information, linked to travel service websites,.rlines, etc., to provide travel-related information;
    • Highways in some counties can also call 511 to request roadside assistance, and Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Bay Area are known to provide tiusingowout assistance, start the car, add a gallon of gas, short-distance towing, and more, all for free. .

    Mobile number service hotline – 611

    611 is the cell phone service number. If you have questions abohearing impairedplans, services, carrier charges, bills, or want to check the remaining data and usage this month, you can call 611. 611 also provides services free of charge.

    Hearing Impaired Line – 711

    711 is a unique line for the hearing-impaired in the United States. It is an important way for the hearing-impaired to communicate with the able-bodied. It ensures that the deaf and mute hdo have the same right to seek help in an emergency, just like the able-bodied. With the help of711, many hearing-impaired people can make an appointment with a doctor in the hospital when they are sick, get immediate help in a critical time, and more.

    Underground Pipeline Confirmation Line – 811

    Not only large-scale projects need to confirm the underground pipeline map before starting excavation, but also be careful when excavating home interior decoration, courtyard garden farms. A few days before construction begins, you can call toll-free 811 for the location and condition of pipelines, including gas lines, wires, water pipes, and cables. Relevant units, such as power companies and gas companies, will send professionals to the construction site to mark the location of the pipeline within two or three days.


    Other U.S. Useful Phone Numbers

    Major hotel reservations

    • HolidayInn: 1-800-465-4329
    • Hilton: 1-800-445-8667
    • Inter-continental: 1-800-327-0200
    • Radisson: 1-800-333-3333
    • Hyatt: 1-800-633-7313
    • FiestaAmericana: 1-800-648-6540
    • Marriott: 1-800-228-9290
    • Sheraton: 1-800-325-3535
    • Best Western: 1-800-780-7234
    • Howard Johnson: 1-800-I GO HOJO
    • Ramada: 1-800-854-7854
    • Delta Pacific: 1-800-268-1133
    • AmeriSuites: 1-800-833-1516
    • Days Inn: 1-800-DAYS Inn


    local locksmith phone number

    There is nothing worse than being locked out, especially at night. To avoid this hassle, find a locksmith with a better reputation and a reasonable price. Do your homework now and find a lockpicker with a reputable 24-hour service. For information on local locksmiths, visit YellowPages.com.

     A friendly colleague’s call

    You can use this colleague to deliver a message to your manager or others while you’re on the road. Or, if you forgot important phone numbers and information at the office, you can also call him. And tell him to thank him another day.

    Local towing service company and AAA phone number

    When your car breaks down in an inconvenient place, this number will make everything easier. A company with a wide range of services will be your first choice. Visit YellowPages.com for local towing service companies. If you have an AAA phone, congratulations, you are pretty wise.

    Home and Office Phones 

    You should have a home or office call on your phone. Every call should be a direct dial. These phone numbers are certainly not intended to let you call home or work. Just in case you lose your phone and are picked up by an honest and caring person, she can easily find you through this number.

    Doctor’s phone number 

    If you are on the road or have been out of town and have some less urgent medical problems. The best thing to do is to tell this information to your primary doctor or his nurse. After all, they are a medical team familiar with your personal medical history. They look at your symptoms through an analysis of your medical history and personal situation and can gain a deeper understanding of your problems.